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The Divine Chef: May I Take Your Order, Please?

During a recent House Coach session via Skype, I was once again reminded, how powerful a tool Pathfinder Vision Board is. There I was on the screen without make up, wearing a sweatshirt, and there she was without make up in sweatshirt too (as previously agreed, because then many barriers are gone!). A young woman, that I had never met before, in distress in a country far away, in need of my skills and empathy. I was prepared, as she had described her “homesickness and restlessness” to me in an email.

Let’s call her Karen. She is in her late 30s, lives alone in a small one-bedroom apartment after a turbulent relationship ended. She wants to change careers and is studying new skills via a new on-line class. She hasn’t got the courage to change her job right now, but she hates her current one. On top of all this, a close family member needs care and loving support during serious illness.

Her home is chaotic – as always in House-Coaching – a metaphor for the state of our soul!
She’s tired of it all! Tired of herself! Period!
Most of us have gone through this ourselves – I know I have

When we shut down emotionally – and we do in order to survive we cannot just shut down one part of the body and soul, we close the entire system. Therefor we cannot feel, or live by, what we long for, we can only feel what we DON’T want in our lives!

Pathfinder Vision Board (PVB) – the map home to your soul:

I helped her through the phase of defining her entire emotional DNA. In a previous blog, you can read extensively about the PVB procedure, so that you too can get started!!

First we needed to know: “What makes you scared and upset on a scale from -2 to -10?” It can be ”cross bordering” to share such private feelings and events with a stranger, but as a Life Coach, I have learned to create immediate confidence. Even via Skype security / empathy is possible.

Once we had gone through the worst part, Karen literally had to “shake her body”. When she felt neutral again, we went on to the nice part: “What is love, peace and joy to you on a scale from +2 to +10?” Now we had all the important “GPS Coordinates” for her new wholehearted home and life!

Karen went through the whole spectrum of emotions in just one hour. Leaning into the pain in a safe way, immediately gave her access to her heart again. The only way to get to the gold: Her heart’s interpretation of love, peace and joy.

The very important conclusion of this exercise is to get my client to actually BELIEVE, that these GPS coordinates also will become real. At this stage, I tell a metaphor story, that has helped many clients realize, that you can get your heart desires, if you order and welcome it.

The Divine Chef:

Imagine sitting in a 5 star restaurant, you’ve won a dinner with all expenses paid! The waiter hands you the menu (PVB), but you don’t open it … you just sit there and feel hungry! The waiter has eye contact with the chef, who’s the Universe’s best and ready to cook everything you want with love.

The chef nods in an encouraging way, as to say: “Come on!!” The waiter asks you kindly: “What are your heart’s desires?” And you answer: “Food” (life!)! The waiter tries again, now earnestly: “WHAT IF EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE – WHAT WILL YOU SO ORDER AND HOW?” Remember how you actually order food at a good restaurant incl. all courses and wines – I guess you’re very specific and wait to be served, while you enjoy the bread in the basket?

I explain to Karen: “If you book the ”menu from + 2 + 10”, you’ll make the waiter (me) happy and the Universe / God will begin to cook for you with love, however, he’ll never be serving it all at the same time! Be very specific, expect the very best and trust in the process ☺ ”

Action steps in the everyday life

During the coming weeks, through pictures and quotes, Karen must order her new life and on one wall create a large colorful PVB. Every morning, with lighted candles and lovely music, she can enjoy her coffee, meditate in front of it for 10 minutes and open her heart in confidence. When the ”orders” have been served one by one, she can replace with new ones!

She must now LIVE in her PVB. This small 1-bedroom is no longer a “punishment”, but an “opportunity” to create an Oasis for the Soul. This is her “cocoon”, from which she will one day become a lovely butterfly. When she – when we all – understand the reasons for being in the cocoon and get the best out of the metamorphosis process, we will become butterflies designed by a wonderful creative power of love, who only wants what’s best for us!

Finally during our session, I asked Karen to describe, what’s currently hanging on the walls, because to me it would reveal her personality. She told me: ”There’s only one huge colorful painting, which I love”. Then I knew her personality is huge and colorful, and she loves the person, who she is deep inside. Karen laughed out loud, when she realized this new insight about herself and her home☺

In the next session, we will talk about decor ideas for the small apartment, so there’ll be visible symbols of love, peace and joy to recharger her soul every day. She must begin to enjoy walks by the sea, reading, visiting friends, planning vacations, go to flea markets and “buy” by taking pictures with her phone and save on under a new message board: “My dream life and home”.

After 1.5 hours, I said goodbye to a smiling, happy tearful young woman, who had felt new hope and love in the moments, we had just had together. She was present in the present!

Do YOU need House-Coaching?

Soon I will be giving home and life changing seminars, a 1-day Boot Camp to help you come home to your soul! The first two bootcamps are scheduled for march and april in Denmark, but soon I will reveal dates for bootcamps outside Denmark.

Please contact me For your own personal “Skype 1-1 session”. I would love to teach you how to come home to your soul and support you all the way….

Kirsten Steno