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Welcome to our community of empathetic Home Designers


We are a group of home design professionals around the world who were seeking to find deeper meaning in our work and who have always LOVED to create nurturing surroundings in homes and businesses for ourselves and other people.

Working with House-coaching is just about the best thing you can do at this moment in history. Old social and family structures are breaking down all around us. Homes are affected more than ever and people need guidance from empathetic Home Designers, like you, who are willing to stand calm and centered in the midst of apparent chaos.

Joining this community offers you the opportunity to transform your own life, the life of your clients, and to achieve your wildest dreams. You can earn your spot in the ranks of some truly spectacular people, whose calling is to serve others, heal hearts and homes, support dreams, and enrich lives.

After more than two thousand interior design jobs, I invented House-coaching to help myself and my clients. Using of the tools I created, my clients learned to make wholehearted decisions. Serving them in this manner made my work easier, more meaningful, and more profitable.

If your heart tells you this is your tribe (watch this video,) , you can begin your training in three steps NOW by subscribing and reading my free E-book (below).

In February 2018 we are excited to offer you 5 simple video courses, monthly teachings/webinars and a facebook community, where you can learn more about adding House-coaching to your home design service!

What do we do?

Improve lives and transform spaces with house-coaching

Why do we do it?

To make the world a better place to live, love and grow

How do we do it?

By adding empathetic life coaching to home design