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There are many reasons why people suddenly or gradually lose a nurturing home: hurricanes, divorces, loss of work, sudden illness, etc. Being homeless – be it for physically without a place to live or emotionally – feeling lost in a new home after a divorce is practically and emotionally difficult. When there is nowhere to settle the soul, mental and physical chaos becomes visible in the physical world and can cause depression.

Mothers, fathers and children of all ages slowly shut down, I know as 10 years ago I was a single mom myself and needed help..but nobody came! Now my life is blessed via House-coaching and I want to help those in need of a nurturing home.


Will you help me bring this vision to life?   

Please write kirsten@house-coach.com if you wish to donate or partner with me and my Home Angels so we can:

  • Teach House-coaching and create an E-learning program for NGO and organizations, who wish to make a difference in their community. I know how to help people create a nurturing home with little effort and at low cost with recycled furniture and accessories.
  • Enable me and my team to create a Home Angels & Friends home collection in collaboration with manufacturers, wholesale companies, business partners, to be sold in design stores and at our global workshops.
  • Financially contribute to Humble Design in Detroit and other organizations in local communities around the world who are helping people in need of a nurturing home.
  • Help me and my team form  Home Angel & Friends teams in churches and other non-profit organizations and teach House-coaching to volunteers with various talents and a heart for giving precious time for free.


Imagine all the people we can help…

Imagine losing your home. The recent hurricanes that hit the USA reminded us of the devastation and heartbreak that occurs when families lose their home, furniture, and treasured belongings.  Where do they begin the journey to a new life and home, especially those without insurance and a social network for support? It is possible that Habitat for Humanity may graciously build a row of identical houses to shelter them but that is not a home. Families need a home that reflects the personalities of all who live there and it needs to be filled with love, hope, and faith in a new future. Collaborating with skilled therapists and pastor teams, Home Angels (trained via video courses, webinars, and workshops) can help emotionally healthy people with the creative and organizational efforts it will require to recreate their home.