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Courses ready February 2018 !

Courses ready February 2018 !

Empathetic professionals


Video course for professionals in home design

If you want to learn how to help your clients get further with their physical transformations at their spaces and go deeper within manifesting their true identity at home, you will enjoy this course because you will learn how to be a facilitator in that transformational process with House-Coaching. Apply these tools in your own home and life to create an atmosphere that represents your inner beauty and life values and then you’ll be eager to learn the professional part and help your clients in ways you never thought would be possible!




 In this practical course we will help YOU to transform your home and improve your life by understanding the importance of how do you feel at home affects your wellbeing, how all that you see in your space, the objects that you have displayed, furniture, colors, etc, reflects who you are, your particular tastes and identity, your own limits and barriers, the areas you love and the ones you neglect of your life, the clutter and the beauty that we all can experiment in our everyday life. For this transformation to occur you need to be willing to generate changes in your life through homework using your home as the canvas where you will project your intentions. With the videos as guidelines, readings and exercises you will manifest in your space and in your life the best version of yourself! By experimenting this practice in your home you will own your story and gain empathy needed to help others in their homes also with their life story´s.


This first part of the course is an introduction to the reading you will have to do of your space, we will show you how to use certain tools to improve the energy at home. We will talk in this chapter about the importance of our homes in our development, as our foundation and provider of our energy that affect us and our relation with others.

Video Session 2 – LOOKING WITHIN

In this segment you will gain awareness by being able to recognize in your own life patterns, limiting thoughts, or fears projected in your space, we will give you some tools to create your own solutions to be represented in your home.

Video Session 3 – FIND YOUR SOULS DNA

You will learn about specific tools to find your DNA or learn about some one else´s DNA. The images have power over us and images connect us with our heart , also that is the lenguaje that we use as professionals to communicate and express our selves, through colors and shapes we can identify what you like and what you dislike in your life.


In this part we will teach you how to use a powerful tool to define your goals, manifest your dreams and desires in life. By sharing with you my personal experience you can have an idea of how with your own story, creativity and time you can develop a personal tool to track your dreams and having them as an everyday reminder for that happiness plan in your life.


This section of the course will provide you with tools when you are adopting your space, depending on the stage you are experimenting in life you could use one or another of this practical exercises. Open space for new things to happen in your life! and enjoy the process of the life you are building.