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Over a period of 25 years and working with more than 2,000 clients, Kirsten Steno, Danish Interior Designer and certified Martha Beck Life Coach, discovered that typical interior design services do not improve lives; they keep people confined within the boundaries of their own limiting thoughts by focusing on things such as seasonal trends instead of what is meaningful to their soul and wellbeing. Kirsten learned that by implementing these tools in her own home, she gained hope, confronted her own insecurities, reconnected to her soul, and healed her own heart. This was the birth of House-coaching and what Kirsten offers to her clients.

Kirsten started her business in 1989; interior design and the wholesale of home merchandise. For 25 years, she has managed more than 2,000 interior design assignments within private homes, public offices, and hotels in DK and Europe. In 1996, she was first aired on Danish TV and opened a successful interior design store, which she sold in 2000 to partner with a major company within the Danish kitchen industry to design brand store concepts and catalogues.

In 2007, she became a public speaker and magazine columnist for Empathetic Interior Design. This was her first approach to bringing awareness to the psychological aspects of creating homes that reflect and nurture the individual needs of people who live there; ordinary people in ordinary homes!  After she became a single parent herself, she began helping people (pro bono) who were in need of a nurturing home after a “life hurricane.” This lead to her first self-help book on interior design, Home With a Heart, published in 2008 and for 5 years, it was listed on the top ten list of most popular books from Danish libraries.

Kirsten studied life coaching in 2011 with Martha Beck (columnist in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine) and was deeply inspired by the many self-help and spiritual books she read. Not only did they impact her personal growth, but they inspired Kirsten to see that Home is Me! With her life coach diploma and the confidence gained from working with people and spaces, Kirsten created her platform as a House-coach.

In 2013, in cooperation with BoConcept International, she published her second self-help book, this time in English, and 5,000 copies sold worldwide. Kirsten taught a light version of House-coaching to the in-home consultants at BoConcept and coached the staff and store managers on her empathetic sales strategies with great success.  She traveled the world; speaking, giving interviews to the press and media, attended book signings and taught workshops to interior designers, architects, and BoConcept’s customers.

During these global speaking events, interior designers, life coaches, and architects often asked Kirsten, “How can I become a House-coach?” At the end of 2015, she interviewed and selected ten home designers, one psychotherapist, and a life coach from three different continents to participate as the first group of test students. Not all were able to complete the course, however, eight of them received diplomas. After this experience, Kirsten decided to form an institute, consolidate a team to work with video courses and E-learning for private and corporate clients and professionals and to spread Kirsten’s message on social media.

Kirsten has a deep desire to make the world a better place to live, love, and grow. Home Angels & Friends, inspired by the yearly Global Leadership Summit in Chicago and Blake Mycoskie’s interview about TOMS one-for-one model, has been her vision for many years. With the creation of a similar model but in a line of home products, Kirsten will be able to support organizations who are helping people in need of a nurturing home.  She is currently creating a community of Home Angels in Denmark and speaking at churches, in Denmark and USA, on the topic “Give a Home with a Heart,” the non-profit service of House-coaching.