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A Journey HOME Begins With a Single Step

When Frank and I came back from holiday in August filled with new insights and energy, we wanted to make major life changes, which off course – in the concept of House-coaching – would also have an affect on our home!

During the past 3 months I have consistently taken photos of the clutter and neglect in all rooms to document the discontent of living here, knowing all too well, that this is just a reflection of my growing discontent with the way I prioritize my life – stress and menopause has been out of control – which affects both of us! Remember my quote?

“Our home is only as happy as the least happy person”

Being out of balance also included my husband Frank, who has been 110{6c509f722ec9734564843955f349e70bf139ccf870784da705bf04982b2622cf} involved with the construction of a huge (and stunning!) new corporate building for www.Vetaphone.com.

We took an honest look at the photos, our busy schedules and our notes of clarity from the books we’ve read over Summer. We gave honest loving feedback to each other, remembering the primary goal would be for our lives to improve:

  • Our bodies needed fitness, healthier food and more sleep
  • We needed to simplify our time schedules
  • Our home needed to be adopted – once again – with love
  • We needed more time for having fun together and alone, for reading and less Netflix!

We both know The House-coach Magic speeds up the changes we want in life. Our home recharges our soul the moment we take the first steep on the journey home to ourselves…

Just like the cellphone needs battery to work – we need a charger – and HOME should be one – next to nature, time with people we love and doing stuff we consider playtime!


From Soul-drainer to Soul-restorer

This conscious adoption of our time and bodies begins with the adoption of our home, room by room, zone by zone. We are still in the process of sorting and clearing out; analyzing the emotional, practical and financial value of every item. Our goal is once again to transform this “temporary” home into a soul-charger rather than a soul-drainer.


Skærmbillede 2015-09-15 kl. 12.19.58

Adopting the garage in 3 hours was the challenge! What we didn’t keep was given away to neighbors, picked up for charity + 1 hour of cleaning and tadaa……!

The feelings we attach to “stuff”

When you too are “packing your backpack” for the next life-pilgrimage ask yourselves:

  • How little do we need to be happy?
  • What are the feelings behind the stuff we keep in drawers, closets, basements, garages and garden sheds?
  • How many memories happy moments and people do we need to keep, to remember them? Aren’t they stored in our hearts?
  • Can we still buy fun stuff for our home and for ourselves, if we give away what no longer holds or adds value?

We change over the course of life and our home must reflect these changes for it to re-charge us . What we really want are the feelings love, comfort and joy which our “stuff” represent – not the “stuff itself!


We can create a Happy Home & Life in any home at any time…with surprisingly few things!

 The heart will take you home  – the only compass you need to create a soul-restoring home and life


I filmed last year’s process of clearing out the garage for my videocourse – now free to watch on the new Video blog  (in English with my familiar Danish accent –  “Steno Unplugged”) Please share with me on Facebook how you adopt your home and life!

Remember to download & print these Summer gifts – and please share this post with your friends – they may need this inpiration to move forward in their lives too??

With love