With House-coaching we help people in any cycle of life,
to reconnect with their soul by loving the home they live in.

What is House-Coaching?

House-coaching is adding empathy and life coaching tools to Home Design to make the world a better place to live, love and grow!

House-Coaching transforms lives by creating homes that reflect one’s heart and soul.

Just as electronic devices need their charger to properly function, humans need a home which recharges them in order to fully express their uniqueness and live their best life.

When to use House-coaching

When you want to transform your home into a mirror of your inner beauty and life values.

When you find a path of self discovery and look to reach your full potential.

When you need to make healthy conscious decisions regarding home improvement.

When you want to go beyond your limiting thoughts and the fear of design rules into creative freedom.

When you need couple and home related therapy!

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We've applied House-Coach to four different groups: Individuals, Professionals, Home Industry and Home angels & friends. See how we can help achieving your goals!


We deliver a series of courses that apply to Individuals, Professionals & corporations.

Self Help Books

We have a range of books written by Kirsten Steno.

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Our speaking events are specialised to you and your company.


We have a wide range of workshops designed to teach how to improve spaces and lives.

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