Kirsten Steno speaking

10 reasons to join

my 1-day House-coach seminar:

1. Your home must reflect who you truly are

If you are anything like me, you look for LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY in both your LIFE and HOME. What this represents in YOUR life is unique, so your home must be uniquely you too – or at least a room of your own, if you have married your opposite!

If you feel homesick in your own home and restless in your daily life, I have through my own life’s experiences and those of my clients found the cure for both.
I know how to create a soul-filled home and to live a wholehearted life. I know that HOME is a metaphor for your soul, and that your home must reflect who you truly are, in order for you to be happy in it – for your soul to settle down!

2. Your home is your charger

Close your eyes for a moment, and when you have an image of where the charger for your cellphone is, open them!

Did it take 2 seconds? I guess so! You have – like the rest of the world – become totally dependent on knowing where this item is, because without battery/energy you cannot get in touch with people around you.

Imagine you as a cellphone and your HOME as the charger for your soul!
During the seminar I’ll teach you how to create a home that infuses you and your loved ones with soul-energy, so you can all live a better life with each other at home.

 3. Be patient while becoming a beautiful butterfly

I know from life’s the challenges, those we all face, that we can embrace them as teachers to become more authentic and metaphorically speaking; a beautiful butterfly.

Often we don’t choose the changes ourselves, but when you become once again a caterpillar, I know the fast shortcut to becoming a beautiful butterfly! Focus on the areas of your life that ARE actually flying freely instead of focusing on the area where you are learning and growing!
I’ve helped clients from all over the world during the last 25 years,  clients both with low income and very rich! I’ve met another “you” and brought her/him home – at home and in their lives.

4. Small investment for long term benefit

It’s a small investment, one I deeply believe you’ll never regret.

The benefits in your home and life will last – much longer than buying nice shoes & clothes or a new electrical device! It’s less than half of a new smart phone!
It will benefit your relationship more than a date night at an expensive restaurant!

5. With new insights – somehow clients will become nicer!   

If you work with “people & homes”, join! Certainly for your own sake – but also for the sake of your clients, as you’ll be able to help them with a more empathetic approach. When you know the whole truth about why we all care so much about Home Sweet Home, you can never go back to ”just selling for the home”. You’ll want to not only transform homes but also enhance their lives with a new awareness!

This seminar will help you understand, why they behave as they do and never again will you be able to think limiting thoughts about yourself and them.

6. Learn simple tools to simplify and let go of excessive luggage

With before & after photos from my work, I’ll teach how to simplify your home – one room at a time – by adopting only what really matters to you and your partner. You will learn new ways of letting go of what no longer serves you, and give it up for adoption, for others to love.

It can be playful to downsize both a home and a life, once you know the WHY behind the ”stuff”.

7. A new call to action!

In just one day, I will help you set the GPS co-ordinates to your best future and teach you about the ”Motivation Trap”, why you have not finished your projects up till now!

This will call you to ACTION and help you coach yourself in the future!

8. You’re not alone anymore…

After the seminar I will be there to support you along the way via Facebook!

It IS safe for you to change both your home and life. Don’t fear the change – embrace it with the other participants in the course:  You will meet likeminded people and for a whole day, we will laugh at each other and ourselves and at my Love Stories. We’ll have creative fun, reflect upon life, be quiet and emotional and always work within our personal comfort zone.

Become partners of change!

9. Save time and effort

I’ve done the hard work in my life and work – you don’t have to! Listen to a wise old woman who wish she had known what I teach today much sooner! But then again, I couldn’t have helped you, and I want to!

10. I will equip you to use your unique talents for home making so you can have all the fun in the process.

To your soul-filled home & life!

Love, Kirsten Steno


These statements are from recent seminars in South America

¨I am very thrilled with this seminar. She is a woman who has shared her soul and helped us finding our real identity so we can display it on our spaces. Many thanks to BoConcept¨
Fanny Mogollón, Bogota

¨I loved the experience, such a great time, however I would have liked to get more time to talk personally with Kirsten¨
Rommy Beuermann, Lima

¨I am designer and had the great opportunity to learn how to connect emotions with design. Now instead of designing starting from an object I will approach her perspective on understanding the interior of the person before: Home should be the reflection of the soul.¨
Fabian Ibañes, Bogota

¨I thought I was coming to a theoretical seminar of design, however I am very pleased that it went into a completely different direction, linking design with the heart and emotions¨
Rosario Mila, Lima

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