What is House-Coaching?

What is House-coaching?

When you think of your home, it should be with love, warmth, and care. Your home should be the place you – and your family –  feel well-balanced, where you can find your peace of mind, and where you feel coziness and comfort. The walls are the frames – the question is, “What do you chose the walls to frame?”

Things that bring you energy, happiness, and peace? Maybe not …

Reasons can be many and different: You can be coming up as a family, newly established and seeking. You can be a “patchwork-family” seeking the magic of melting together. You can be young – or young at heart – and moving into your first or your next apartment – or you can be a grown-up and “single-again” with fragments from an ex-home.

You can be ”poor” (I’ve tried that several times myself) and in need of reinventing what you already have in your home – or you can be “rich” with the feeling that the things you buy do not bring you the expected joy. In other words: Your economic situation is not crucial …

Wherever you are in your life, you can let in House-coaching and get a personal home reflecting your past, your present, and showing you the way to your bright and happy future!

The idea


Why do you act and react as you do in your life? What ideas are you basing your life on ?

Have you lost your idea?

Then you have probably also given up on finding peace in your home, as your home always reflects what is going on in your life. If your home does not reflect your present, your future, or your options, you could be “stuck.” Overwhelmed by the challenges of your life and feeling a little lost? Maybe you feel as “a stranger in your own home” being drained of energy while constantly trying to figure out how to improve the state of things.

Maybe you try to be on top of trends, interior guides, and home interior shopping without feeling that your efforts give you the results that you seek. Then it might be time to turn things upside down and start again from within …

I have developed “systems” and “methods” which guide you on your way home to yourself. They are easy to adopt – and fun to work with. Once you get started you suddenly feel your heart and your soul … a process which makes you enthusiastic and opens your eyes to the ideas which seemed so difficult to spot.

Let me:

  • Introduce you to the House-coaching Basics
  • Help you find the DNA of your soul
  • Guide you to a Pathfinder Vision Board where your longings invite you to follow traces – home to yourself
  • Help you adopt your home, room by room, thought by thought!

Give yourself the gift of my Video Course – or you can begin by subscribing for my newsletter and get a free download of my E-book … and when the seeds sprout and you are ready I can help you on your journey home to yourself!

That’s the magic of House-coaching! That’s my WHY!

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