Speaking “heart-to-heart”

How can I help people all over the world come home to themselves –  in their lives and homes  – and live the life they were destined to live?
How can I help transform their outlook on life and home in 15-30 minutes?

For statements from recent speakingevents – see below

By speaking from my heart to their hearts – by bringing hope into hopelesness – by adding funny, emotional, insightful Love stories from my life and work as a House-Coach.

My audiences never really know what to expect, and are often surprised,  when loud laughter or tears spring from deep within. They may suddenly realize how stupid or funny it can be to hold on to “stuff”, that no longer add value to their lives (as I share my own story as a recovering “Shabby Shit” collector!) They may suddenly start crying, deeply touched by the message “something has to die in order for something new to evolve: “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly”! A woman may have been abandoned by her husband and the deep hurt leaves her slowly, as she realizes she too can become a butterfly both in her home and life!

Some couples start reflecting on “fairness at home”, when I talk about “underlying interests” and how to give both men and women, what makes their “hearts sing” at home and in their relationship.

Speaking and connecting with my audience, reading the full range of emotions on on their lovely faces, how they release themselves from their “mental prisons” – makes my heart sing! I feel so priviledged, whenever I get the amazing opportunity to speak into a strangers life and change it for the better.

Book me for a talk that relates to YOUR tribe. Contact me with a short description, and I’ll get back to you with a form of content and fee.

Kirsten Steno speaking

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Upcoming speaking events

May : BoConcept Columbia and Peru – more information soon :-)


Recent speaking events


2014 August – Germany:

BoConcept München 27. August
BoConcept Augsburg 28. August


2014 September – Denmark:
BoConcept Copenhagen with Mad & Bolig 18. + 22. September
Feriehjem med Hjerte, Bornholm 19. October


2014 September – Latvia:
Boconcept, Riga at STOCKMANN, 24. September


2014 September/October – UK:
BoConcept, Guilsford, 30. September
BoConcept, Wandsworth, 1. October
BoConcept, Kingston upon Thames, 2. October


2014 November – USA:
BoConcept Miami, 6. November
BoConcept, Cambridge, 8. November
BoConcept, Washington, 9. November


2014 November – Estonia:
BoConcept Tallinn 28. November


Spring 2014:

2014 March – USA:
USA: BoConcept  San Diego, San Fransisco and Los Angeles’


2014 April – Germany:
BoConcept Regensburg

2014 April – Norway:
Kjøkkenglede Oslo

2014 April – Belgium:
BoConcept Brussels


2013 Fall

2013 September – UK:
UK: BoConcept London


2013 September – Germany:
D:  BoConcept Hamburg


2013 October – USA/Canada:
USA/Canada: BoConcept New York, Boston, Birmingham, Washington, King of Prussia and Toronto


2013 October – UK:
UK: BoConcept London and Manchester


2013 November – Denmark:
DK: Garant, Århus
DK: Nykredit, Sønderborg


2013 November – Germany:
D: BoConcept Essen


2013 November – Austria:
A: BoConcept Inssbruck


2013 November – Sweden:
S: BoConcept Stockholm and Malmö


2013 December – Japan:
J: BoConcept Tokyo and Osaka


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