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As an interior designer and House-coach I’ve been working with many fine customers – who have over the years given me statements, references and wonderful greetings. Some of these you’ll find below – from attendees at speaks, my readers, people who invited me into their homes (and lives), companies that I’ve worked with – and not least about my passion for Pay it Forward Home. Please feel free to read – and to get an impression of my work …

References from attendees at speaks and workshops

”I want to thank you for the nice talk. It was a new and different experience with fairly simple concepts, but very important and easy to apply to design on a day to day basis, also meeting you, a person who spreads a lot of positive energy in addition to all their ideas, was great.”
Local attendee

”The waiting of time for the talk to start was totally worth it. Very good insights on how to approach our relationship though a different perspective, more personal and honest.”
Santiago Muñoz

“Great and insightful talk, thank you BoConcept for having me in this event.”

“I see myself applying these tools in my projects and with clients.”

Catalina Castro Moreno
Architect, Bogota

Statements from facilitators of speaks, workshops and events

“Life changing experience that showed our potential (usually misused) to connect with people in order to help us improve the wellbeing of individuals, instead of only maximizing spaces: The needs of the person over the space itself.”
Pablo Sardi
General Manager, BoConcept, Colombia

“Kirsten’s contagious positive energy, admirable passion and confidence for House-coaching has captured the attention of all our Sales Associates to a point where many are dreaming of becoming House-coaches someday. I’m a true believer that many benefitted from her visit and that a handful, including myself, consider themselves more empathetic after her visit.”
Alejandro Sardi
Chief of Expansion, BoConcept, Colombia

“To be able to perceive the clients in a different way, not only understanding that they need to furnish their house, but that there’s an emotional factor behind the purchase and a real need to find the perfect product match with their life style. The emotional connection with the client is what can make the experience a unique one.”
Isel Vega
Interior Decorator, BoConcept

“I think it was a great opportunity to learn to connect with people, know how to read them, analyze their needs and understand how their day to day lives influence their decisions regarding furniture and spaces. This will help me to engage in an effective conversation with clients.”
Ethel Lucho
Part of the BoConcept sales staff

“Kirsten, it’s been a pleasure working with you. I´m sure that with the right amount of energy towards enhancing BoConcept´s interest in really understanding people, the emotional bond between the clients and the brand will get stronger and stronger through time.”
Jabiby Haddad
Customer Experience Manager, BoConcept, South America

”Everyone here at BoConcept Cambridge was thrilled to have Kirsten come back for the second year. The reasons are quite simply of great value to us. We have had incredible feedback from our customers and we immediately see the reactions in attitude towards the brand. One customer called the next day saying that she had ordered the removal of an ugly color on her wall and was adopting an entirely different approach towards her remodeling project. She has booked an in-Home consultation and asked us to bring as many accessories as possible.
Apart from some guests being moved to tears, we are seen in a different light by the attendees. One of our customers came to the event on her husband’s birthday with him and their friends, and not just for the champagne. She called the next day to say she was so grateful that she came because they had all really enjoyed it. She now wants to reconfigure her foyer and got three wall units to showcase her travel objects d’art so that she could be greeted by these every time she came home.
We also had repeat attendees who enjoyed it as much as the first time. We had many phone calls that thanked us for such a cool event. Another gentleman was dragged by his wife and left so inspired that he is purchasing a sofa and a rug with us when before we were “the other option.”
These events are great at creating added value to the brand in the eyes of our customers, and we are in turn able to establish a more personal approach to our connections with them. The presentation is wonderfully timed, full of humor and great concrete and useful ideas that leave everyone with a sense of having spent some real quality time with us. I hope more people take advantage of these funny, exclusive, enlightening and informative events. It has been a real privilege to have Kirsten here in Cambridge.”

Anthony & Louis
BoConcept, Cambridge (USA

”My 3 BoConcept Stores in Munich & Augsburg booked Kirsten Steno in late August 2014. We did a House Coaching evening event for business networking and potential leads and a house coaching seminar for our sales staff. Both events were very well received from all the participants and we were very pleased. Kirsten is a fantastic person, a great entertainer and coach, and we will for sure book her again.”
Allan Moelolm
Owner of BoConcept Münich & Augsburg, Germany

“We are looking forward to having you Kirsten!! The response from the attendees last time was overwhelming thus we can’t stress the RSVP for the Californians enough – you have to come hear Kirsten in action! We will also have her book available for purchase; a perfect time to get it autographed.”
BoConcept comment on House-coach.com Facebook-post

“Had a couple come in today to say how wonderful the night was, and the goody bag she got was ‘exceptional.’ They were inspired by Kirsten and her 40/40/20 idea. For years the wife had told her husband that he was wrong, they realized that both were right and just had different views on what they liked. The tealight went down a treat – they found the 20 share and then they then spent £2000 with us.”
Eleanor Davies, Alan Ryan,
Raechel McIntrye, Calum Maclennan
BoConcept Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle

”Kirsten understands, in her very mundane and straightforward way, how to inspire women and men, to see both their homes and also their lives with new eyes .
In an insightful way she leaves the audience with a feeling that you really get some practical advice to bring home. Whether it’s the feeling that you can easily be satisfied with what you have, or easily can change the existing framework , she offers something for everyone.
Comments like “ What a great night – it was very inspiring ” is not uncommon for an hour in Kirsten’s company.”
Frank Neumann
Indbo Floors, Denmark

“We invited Kirsten Steno to be the guest speaker at a yearly celebration for members in our church in Aalborg, Denmark. Her topic was ‘How to find home and create home together’. Using her professional background and private story she gave a speech that moved, entertained and inspired us all with fresh perspectives on the topic in a not-churchy-language.”
Jesper Fodgaard
Pastor in Aalborg Congregation (DK)

“Thank you for a vivid and cheerful presentation of the importance of doing things with the heart. Being able to tell a story as you do, means that we initiate a behavioral change – at that we at the end will get value for money. I have already received a lot of positive feedback and questions from attendees who wish to book you to speak in their region. You make a difference with your positive mind – and, therefore, it will not be the last time, that I book you for at meeting at DanCenter and Danland.”
Jan Mikkelsen
Service Manager, DanCenter (DK)

”We found Kirsten was very popular with the 30 guests on the night and since. She has inspired our customers (and staff) to look at their homes differently, no matter what kind of person they are. The evening’s intimacy was fantastic, having no more than around 30 guests meant that everyone got to speak with Kirstin afterwards and we had a chance to interact with all our customers to see if we could book home visits as well as get feedback on the night. It was also vital we thanked them personally for making the effort to come.
What the trend talk has shown us is that It’s exceeding the customer’s expectations in adding value to the furniture they buy from us. It felt like we were giving something back to them, and is a much more positive message than offering a discount. We now have 30 ‘ambassadors’ for BoConcept who, through word of mouth, share their experience with friends and family about their unique night with us instore. We are sure this will result in our ultimate goal – increased turnover.”

Richard Wingfield

Manager of BoConcept, Cambridge (UK)

Notes from people who experienced House-Coaching in their personal lifes

”Kirsten, words cannot express our amazement of the beautiful, cozy home you have given us!! Ken and I are THRILLED with how you have understood, since the beginning, exactly what we wanted and you have delivered it to us well beyond our dreams!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thank you again for helping make this new dream in our life a reality.”
Karla & Ken
(After interior decorating an unseen flat in the centre of Copenhagen on the basis of photos and Skype sessions between Southern America and Denmark. Budgets, shopping and effective styling on location, running the restoration with workmen. At last pickup in the airport and welcoming the customers in their new holiday home in Denmark.)

“Our meeting with Kirsten has had great impact to all the members of our family. It has been a fantastic journey to create a hope which suits all of us – respecting the wishes and personalities of each family member, children as well as grown-ups. A journey on which Kirsten has guided us in the best possible way. Kirsten’s amazing way of seeing us as a family and as individuals has been crucial for establishing the home that we now have. We have a wonderful oasis with harmony and peace which gives us energy in our busy lives. Seen from a practical perspective it takes us no time to straighten up and establish peace of mind – and at the same time we all enjoy our home which is 100% us and which we all feel part of.”
(After decoration of single-family house in Jutland (DK). An impersonal, chaotic, mess of a decor – with disorder, toys, things and furniture every where. At first help to sort things – and then help to “adopt” every single room with love…)

Mails and letters from my readers

”I have read about 75% of your book so far and I am so inspired. I love your writing style, your vision, and compassion. I love the formula of 40+40+20 and how you correlate neutral colors to peace and happiness and accent colors to love. It is so refreshing to think about these things in relation to our emotions.
I received a call from a new client yesterday who wants me to choose a color scheme for her home. And guess what … she has a patchwork family! It was so magical to listen to her describe all of this only moments after I set your book aside for the day. I can hardly wait to finish reading your book and go back and read it again! Thanks to you I feel that I am completely prepared to help my new clients. Who knows, maybe I will be able to help with more than just color and help her fall in love with this house and want to stay.
You are truly inspiring and I’m grateful I found you!”

Jody Pear
Now Master House-coach student (Michigan, USA)

”Sending you a note to say thank you for giving out your book earlier this year. I am moving to Florida in the next year and must downsize greatly in order to have everything fit into the new space. I recently have been working on downsizing my extensive book collection and used your tip about putting out 7 and then choosing 1 to keep. It’s been very helpful!! Thanks again!”
Lorrie Borchert
Futures made Real Life Coaching

“I just wanted to thank you for your book. It sat on my night table for over a year, but I recently read it and appreciated it greatly. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story and your tools and to let you know that I found them inspirational as I have felt “homesick at home” for many years. I had allowed my home (and storage space) to become clogged with a large quantity of items that did not bring me joy or pertain to my current life and am now in the process of releasing many of them (and hopefully making space for more clarity and more joy in my life). I greatly valued the support and inspiration I found for my journey in your book. I also appreciated your modeling how to create a career of writing & coaching in an area where you’ve “been to hell & back.”
I send you great blessings and thank you for your generosity and your willingness to be vulnerable and share your journey.”

Julie Ann

About my work with my Pay if Forward Home-vision

”I have known and followed Kirsten for the past 7 years. Kirsten is a highly skilled professional empathetic Interior Designer, with 25 years of experience, and has recently worked for one of the best Danish design furniture companies, BoConcept, as a writer and speaker in many of their stores around the world.
Kirsten is a Christian with a passion for people in need. Her heart burns for nothing less than sharing her talent, God’s gift, with people who have challenges in their lives. Kirsten has shared her vision already 7 years ago and it is such a joy to see the concept for Pay it Forward Home Ministries taking form and I fully support the vision. The past years, her vision has sharpened! She took her personal development very seriously and worked goal minded with her workshops, books and extending her network.
Last week I invited Kirsten to be a part of a gathering for Pastors and leaders in the Northern part of Seeland, Denmark. Kirsten shared her vision with lots of enthusiasm, empathy and content. Everybody was touched, inspired and one of the leaders said: “It’s the first time in several years that somebody has reached my heart in such a beautiful way!” Everybody agreed, that a lot of churches would benefit from having a ministry like Pay It Forward Home Ministries in their town. Afterwards in time of personal networking, everybody shared the impact of Kirsten’s passion, integrity and authenticity.
With all my heart I can recommend to give all attention when she shares her passion for bringing people home to God and her passion to create Pay it forward – Home Ministries.”

Yours in Christ
Ruth Cilwik Andersen
Pastor, Humlebæk (DK)

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