Kirsten Steno

Kirsten Steno – an introduction

Working as a House-coach I’m often met with the questions: “What’s House-coaching?” and “What can you do for me?” … and to start with the last question the answer is that I can help you identify your souls deepest wishes, dreams and needs and apply them to your home so that you create a base – a soul oasis – a home which every single day re-charges your soul and reminds you of your dreams and reflects who you are.
It sounds easily done … and more that 25 years of experience tell me that I can MAKE it simple and inspiring by combining my Martha Beck Life-coach certification with by background as an interior designer and my deep passion for colours, creativity, home designing – and make people and homes radiate energy and happiness. Regardless that the first I meet is a mess, melancholy and restlessness.

My foundation … my idea … my WHY

Whenever I meet the mess, the melancholy and the restlessness it is a flashback to my own life: For years I was completely exhausted and dehydrated in my body and my soul. I lost my home, my family, my money, my spark of life, my faith in myself and in love. Both divine and human.

Had I known what I know today, I had – with just a few adjustments in my life – been able to reestablish balance I my life and I had found my way home to myself much faster. But sometimes life commands you to choose the long route … and definitely did that!
We opened up to the changeability of life through the House-coaching process – and found our ways back to love and forgiveness. It felt like hard work but today I see it as one of the greatest gifts because we reestablished our family, our home picking up new knowledge, insight and tools for the rest of our lives. Today my journey through life is much easier and I feel that my life is authentic. I am forever grateful for the learning process taking me where I am today.

I’m showing my thankfulness by helping the world – one person, one room, one thought at a time without in any way to distinguish between age, belief, economical or social status.
In my book, at my blog, through speakings, seminars and workshops I share the knowledge that I so toughly acquired.

My first job is to create light in the (interior decorating) darkness. Light which leads you towards the life you dream about – light which leads you home to yourself and the life that you are born to live. That is House-coaching – a word which by the way originates in the quite untrendy word “housecoat” – or in other words the clothes you wear when you are most private and relaxed. When your soul rests.

In close cooperation with beautiful, strong people I have globally adapted and decorated +2,000 private homes and companies. Give me a small hint and I remember every single one of them. Today I work as a consultant for private people, companies and organizations all over the world:

– Global interior design brands aiming at creating individual and personal homes
– Hotels wishing to create a unique atmosphere where the guests immediately feel at home
– Organizations with focus on the well-being of their staff
– Churches wishing to fan the inner flame and make people shine
AND not least people like you and me

My CV is long- and if you are curious you can see an extract of it here. You are also welcome to contact me online or call me – and ask me all your questions and share your interior design and life challenges with me.

Read more about my acitivities here