Kirsten Steno

Kirsten Steno – an introduction

Working as a House-coach I’m often met with the questions: “What’s House-coaching?” and “What can you do for me?” … and to start with the last question the answer is that I can help you identify your souls deepest wishes, dreams and needs and apply them to your home so that you create a home which every single day re-charges your soul and reminds you of your dreams and reflects who you are.
It sounds easily done … and more that 25 years of experience in more than 2000 homes tell me that I can MAKE it simple and inspiring by combining my Martha Beck Life-coach certification with by background as an interior designer and my deep passion for colours, creativity, home designing – and make people and homes radiate energy and happiness. Regardless that the first I meet is a mess, melancholy and restlessness.

Whenever I meet the mess, the melancholy and the restlessness it is a flashback to my own life: For years I was completely exhausted and dehydrated in my body and my soul. Had I known what I know today, I had – with just a few adjustments in my life – been able to reestablish balance I my life and I had found my way home to myself much faster. But sometimes life commands you to choose the long route … and definitely did that! Today my journey through life is much easier and I feel that my life is authentic. I am forever grateful for the learning process taking me where I am today.

I’m showing my thankfulness by helping the world – one person, one room, one thought at a time without in any way to distinguish between age, belief, economical or social status.
In my books, at my blog, through speakings, seminars and workshops I share the knowledge that I so toughly acquired.

In close cooperation with beautiful, like minded people I have created an Institute for home design professionals. We teach empathetic life coaching tools, offer workshops and on-line House-coaching globally in 6 languages.

My current project is recording 9 audio books to inspire you to come home to yourself, help you manage and grow in every cycle of home & life – because when life changes we change too and this will always effect our homes. I firmly belive that if we chose to listen to our hearts, live with a grateful attitude and decorate homes which reflect the light and beauty of our souls – the world will become a better place for all of us <3 JOIN US in this new movement! Read more about my acitivities here