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Get & Give:

When you buy my Video-Course and begin the journey home to yourself – by following the guidelines of your heart – you give yourself and your loved ones a life changing gift.

You pay me for my services (thank you, I am very grateful!), and I pay forward 1/3 of the revenue to my vision: Pay it Forward Home Ministries (like Food Ministries) – a charity service creating Homes with a Heart for single parents and families in need.


The beginning of House-coaching, my first self help book – and the birth of the PIF Home vision!

The tools I created, as a way out of my own misery, when I was a single Mom, became the foundation of my first self-help book on Interior Design, Home with a Heart. When it was published 8 years ago in DK, my life and home improved drastically! As i studied to become a Martha Beck Life Coach in 2011, my life became abundant in every way and gave me tools to overcome the worst possible challenges, my own cancer in 2011 and when my son got cancer in 2013. We all came through miraculously!

In gratitude for the blessings in my life, I want to give back, pay forward to others. My life’s purpose is to improve the lives and homes of broken families – knowing it is possible through the magic of House-coaching! I want as many as possible globally to have a soul-restoring home and a life filled with gratitude, love, joy and hope for the future.


When you need a Pay it Forward Home Team!

Imagine a single mother and her kids in a tiny, uncharming rented apartment. She wants to get installed and unpacked after a divorce, the clutter is everywhere and stressfull to all.

Without practical and creative help from friends or family, she’s not able to create the home they need so badly. She may not be able to mount a simple shelf, drill the walls – or move anything heavy! Family and friends may not be near by.  A single Dad may not know how to install lamps in his kid’s rooms or hang curtains to make the new home look cozy.

Both single parent’s and their children may not want to live where they do, so everybody is “homesick at home” for months and years – “temporarily”, but how long can you endure?


It all comes back as love!

Whenever possible with my busy schedule, I have offered free House-coaching services in my city with assistance from a few volunteers. We have created homes in collaboration with the the “clients” and their private network – with donations of:

  • love from everyone wanting to do good
  • skills & tools from handymen – and women
  • time & effort adjusted to busy life schedules
  • used home articles from private donors
  • new home articles from kind suppliers
  • and sometimes cash money to pay for home articles and services.


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We have been given more than we gave!

Leaving a home looking lovely & customized to their heart’s DNA, knowing it will restore this broken family and seeing their happy faces when we leave… stays forever in our hearts!

Thank you for supporting my global vision PIF Home. Your donations will enable me this year to speak about PIF Home and form few “Hubs” (testing the concept in a larger scale and pay for services and products) in countries around the world. I will keep you posted via my blog, so you become part of the journey too…