Do you feel homesick at home or restless in your life?

If you answer “yes,” then 101 House-Coaching sessions will help you come home to yourself.

Sound good?

You see, I know, from years of my House-Coaching with clients, that HOME is a metaphor for your soul – and the other way around.

I am thrilled that I’ve been able to help hundreds of clients come home to themselves , in their home where they live and in their work and relationships… And in their lives.

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How does my 1-on-1 House Coaching work?

To start, you’ll receive a free copy of the E-book “House-Coach.com – Coming Home to Yourself,” written in collaboration with BoConcept. Reading this book will deepen your understanding from our sessions, and keep you guided and on track!

Then I need to get into your mind! :-) To find the “GPS home co-ordinates” that you’ll need to navigate into your best future, I will ask you questions in order to discover what is misleading or holding you back. 

Next, I will give you all the necessary tools, insights and exercises to launch you into decorating and changing your life according to your own personal life’s GPS coordinates.


Outline of the 9-part sessions:

9 sessions with me via Skype or Face Time will take you home and improve your life…. WHEN you follow my guidelines and do some fun and life-changing “home” work yourself!

Every session lasts 45 minutes over a period of 3-6 months, depending on your busy schedule – and depending on how “desperate” you are. :-)

Part 1: Caterpillar to Butterfly
I’ll explain the process of taking you from “caterpillar to butterfly” in three stages. When life changes, for good or for bad, home changes too!

Part 2: The diagnosis of home and life
Before our sessions begin, you will fill out a questionnaire for me: ” Where am I now in my life – and where do I want to go?

Part 3: Adopting a home, one room at a time:
Now I’ll guide you through a  fun “hypnosis exercise”: Imaginary (handsome) movers carry every piece of furniture out of your home. Now pick up each and every item and decide, if you want to give in space in your new life.

Part 4: Priorities according to the Pathfinder Vision Board:
What is truly important? To clear out the garage or redo the bedroom? Who cares if the garage and the laundry room is messy? When one room is done, it will give the energy to move forward to the next room on the list.

Part 5: Room by room: 
One room at a time we discuss the metaphoric importance of that room, and the emotions involved in it.

Part 6: Creating a “Soul Oasis”:
I’ll teach the importance of having “a Soul Oasis” room (or part of a room) customized to YOUR needs.
Using your Pathfinder Vision Board and Pinterest Board, and our imaginary movers once more, I will help you create a peaceful place that is just for you, to recharge your energies.


Home at last – at home and in your life!

Part 7: Entrance and storage rooms: De-cluttering tools:
Let’s take a look at the storage rooms and entranceway of your home. These areas tend to be where all the clutter ends up! As you walk in the door of your home, especially, it is vital there be peace and beauty to greet you.

Part 8: Ask for help: “Get the Damn Things Done” tool:>
Asking for help and setting fixed dates is the clue to moving forward and crossing the “Home Finish Line.” You can’t do it alone! Remember that you would gladly help others, and they are willing to help you – you just need to ASK.

Part 9: You’re a butterfly now. Fly!
By using daily practices of gratitude, we know for sure you are ready to pick pick your way out of the cocoon, pumping blood into your wings, drying beautifully in the sun…unfolding your magnificent wings ready to fly.


What is this transformation worth to you?

The price I have set for these 9 sessions are 199 € / 269 $ per session (paid in advance before every session) which includes my time with preparation and setting up your homework. You’ll be able to choose a discount (10%) after 3 sessions, if you chose to prepay the remaining 6.

Ask me any questions you have before moving on via the contact form on my webpage.

Blessings to you on your way….


house-coach one-on-one


The following statement is from Danish family of 5:

Our meeting with Kirsten has had a huge impact on everyone in our family . It has been an amazing journey to create our home , so it suits us all and where everyone’s needs and personalities have been given space, both children and adults. A journey where Kirsten has guided us in the best possible way. Kirsten fantastic way to look at us as a family and individuals has been crucial for the home we now have .
We now have a beautiful oasis with harmonie and peace that gives us all energy in a busy life. In practical terms, it now takes no time to tidy up and create order! We enjoy our home as we all on equal terms feel 100 % is us.

This statements is from a “Young at Heart Couple” – 101 via Face Time/email:

Kirsten, words cannot express our amazement of the beautiful, cozy home you have given us!!  Ken and I are THRILLED with how you have understood since the beginning exactly what we wanted and you have delivered it to us well beyond our dreams!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you..for helping make this new dream in our life a reality!

Kindest regards,

Karla and Ken…

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